After Life in the UK Test

Before the start of the test, supervisor will tell you about the rules of the test centre and the test process itself. If a candidate attempts to interrupt the test process, they can be disqualified or banned from taking the test again, or in the worse case they may be removed from the country. You are subject to the terms and conditions before taking the test. You must abide by the rules set by the testing centre in order for your application to not to be jeopardized.

What you should avoid during test:

    • Taking the test on behalf of another person
    • Speaking to other candidates during the test
    • Looking at other candidates’ screen during the test
    • Making reference to material (cheat sheet) during the test
    • Copying test content (electronically or in test format) and taking it from the test centre
    • Intimidating staff with either threats and / or violent behaviour to influence your test result
    • Offering bribes to test centre staff to influence your test result

Any of the above behaviour will be considered against the rules and hence you will be disqualified or announced fail. Depending on the decision made by the local testing centre and the Home Office, you may be banned from taking the test again.

NOTE: If you think that you were not at fault and the test centre report is unjust, you should file a complaint to the test centre. They may let you take the test again, if the mistake was on the test centre’s part.