How to Book Life in the UK Test

To book Life in the UK Test you must do the following

  • Register for life in the UK account through the link: Click Here...

  • Choose a test session

  • Pay for your test ( The test fee is updated on 1st June 2011 and since then it is £50-VAT inclusive)

From one account you can book as many tests as you wish but those booking should only be for the account holder. The earliest test you can take is 7 days from the day you plan to book. Your test fee will not be refunded if you cancel your test in less than 7 days before your test is due. There are over 60 test centres all around the UK where you can give your test. You will be given details of your nearest test centres when you book your test.

Alternately you can also book life in the UK test by going with all your documents required and the test fee (£50) to your nearest test centre; they will register your particulars in the database. You can get the information about the nearest test centre by calling Life in the UK test help line 0800 015 4245. You should book the test a week before the actual test date.

Special Needs Life in the UK Test

In case you have any special needs for example disability, you would be required to mention this while booking so that the test centre makes arrangements beforehand. Guidance for candidates with disabilities is available from the Home Office website ( It is strictly a computerised test only, so computer know-how is must and computer illiteracy would not be considered as a special need.

Documents Required For Life in the UK Test

You would be required to take following documents along with you for test.

*Some sort of photo ID, it should be same ID that you have mentioned while registering for the life in the UK account. Can be either of the following;

• A passport (from your country of origin) - this document may be out of date

• A UK photo card driving licence, full or provisional - this document must be in date

• One of the following Home Office travel documents: a Convention Travel Document (CTD), A Certificate of Identity Document (CID) or a Stateless Person Document (SPD) - this document must be in date

• An Immigration Status Document, endorsed with a UK Residence Permit and bearing a photo of the holder - this document may be out of date

• Home Office Identity Card - ID card will show the holder's status and entitlements (e.g. Employment Prohibited)

*Proof of your address (gas/electricity bill, bank statement, driving licence or letter from the Home Office with your name and address on it)

Cancellation of Appointment or Changing Date for Life in the UK Test

For any emergency which require your immediate attention and you are unable to attend the test and you want to change the date for the test then you must report your test centre at least seven days before the actual test date and explain the reason for postponing or cancelling the test. If you have already paid for the test, you might or might not get the full refund depending on the rules of the test centre.

Note: If for some reason you give less than 7 days’ notice for cancellation or date change, you will be required to pay an additional £10 administration fee for late report.