After Life in the UK Test

The result of the Life in the UK Test is given right after you complete the test at the test centre. If you manage to answer 18 or more questions correctly you will pass the test. The total number of questions is 24 and the pass percentage is 75%.

Pass Notification for Life in the UK Test:

If you pass the test you will receive a pass certificate/notification by the supervisor and if you fail you could re-apply for the test after 7 days. The pass notification will have all your details and would require your signature. The notification contains your particulars; name, address, and other information, double-check the information carefully and report to your test supervisor if there are any spellings or any other kind of errors for corrections. This is very important, as the Home Office will verify this information against your documents, and if they find any difference, they may decline your naturalisation application and in such a case you will have to retake the test. This notification is required with the rest of the documents while applying for the citizenship or indefinite leave to remain.

NOTE: In case you lose your pass notification/certificate, then the test centre won't issue you a duplicate certificate. You would have to re apply to take the test.